What’s in my Bag

People always ask me if someone does my hair and make-up…I wish! Ten years in the industry, and I’ve always done my own. The good news, I’ve figured out a few tricks along the way.

I’ve tried many, many different kinds of make-up. Make-up for more coverage; make-up that doesn’t look like you’re made-up; make-up for tv; and I really don’t want to wear make-up, make-up. Here are the staples that have made it in my bag and somehow stayed there.

Bobbi Brown is where I find most of my favorite things.  I love their products because you don’t look like you have a lot of make-up on, and it always looks fresh. Their bronzer is one of the only things I literally put on every day. A tinted moisturizer, bronzer, and a lip stick or gloss, and I’m good to go.  Here are some of my favorite Bobbi Brown products:

I don’t like to feel like I have make-up caked on – even when I’m on camera. I go with Laura Mercier’s tinted moisturizer which is weightless, and then I add this FANTASTIC illuminator by Giorgio Armani (No.2). Use it as a highlighter or all over for that glow models have that we all envy.  It is my FAVORITE new product.

When I want a smokey eye or a nighttime look – I love these gel eye shadows by Giorgio Armani. They’re easy to put on (I use my finger), and they stay for a long time! My two favorites are #11 (for a shimmer) and #19 (for a natural brown base).  If you love shimmer – you’ll also love this eyeshadow by Dior in Meteore. It gives you a slight sparkle. Then, I use Bobbi Brown’s gel eye liner (but just on the top, and rub it in so you don’t get a straight line!). It’s easy to put on, and looks great smudged.

Chanel lip gloss for shine – Bobbi Brown art sticks in every color for day and night. I have three different ones, and I use them all of the time! Bare, Rich Nude, and Cherrywood.

Finally, I have tried a LOT of mascara’s. My absolute favorite is Le Volume de Chanel. It really is that good. It gives you length and fullness. It’s worth the price.

If you don’t want to spend a lot of money on make-up – here are some of my favorite “drug store” products. Loreal mascara is great and will make your lashes look thick and full. I use this sunscreen/bb cream when I’m just running errands and want a little protection from the sun.

Nordstrom is price matching, so a lot of these products have gone down in price! Let me know if you have any questions in the comments.

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