That Hair Up There

It’s hot, humid, wet, rainy and windy.  Sometimes all in the same day.  I have dry hair, straight hair, curly hair, crazy hair; you name it!  You may have one, or all of the above. I TOTALLY understand.

What is a girl to do??

Well, here are my simple answers for however you want to fix your hair. They aren’t perfect, but they work for me. Above all, less is more. I try to do the least amount of damage to my hair as possible. If I had my choice, I’d wear it like this every day:).

But typically, it’s either straight….




Or Curly….








Here’s how to do both!

When I’m wearing it straight: 

1- I towel dry it as much as I can, then put on a small amount of the Kerastase on.  (with any conditioner or this, make sure you don’t put on the crown of your head – it will make it oily.)

2- I then flip my head over, and dry upside down with a wet brush.

3- Next, I don’t use a straightener!  I only do if it’s really humid, but it WILL damage your hair.  Instead, I put 5 large hot rollers all over my head to help straighten and give volume.

4- If I want a slight wave, I use a curling iron after the rollers to add a bend.

When I’m wearing it curly:

1- I wring my hair out and brush it, but don’t towel dry.  That causes frizz.

2- I put the Kerastase on.  Remember, a little goes a long way, and avoid the crown of your head.

3- Next, I put two separate quarter size amounts of EVO Liquid Rollers in my palm and  flip over and scrunch my hair.

4- I let it air dry for a while, and then I put the diffuser on the end of my hair dryer and dry on low/medium.  Again, I always dry with my hair flipped over to add volume.

5- Add a little more liquid rollers if needed to smooth at the end, and never brush through your hair with it curly!

Both are easy to do, and relatively easy on your hair:).

If you have questions – Please leave them in the comments.

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2 Replies to “That Hair Up There”

  1. Lesley, this is amazing! Thank you for sharing. I hope this is the perfect solution to living in humid Houston with my crazy curly hair (that is straighten everyday)!

    1. Hey there!! of course! I’ve worked and worked on that darn hair, and I love the EVO. It doesn’t leave it crunchy – just use a little bit, and let air dry, or diffuse! I can’t fight it in Houston anymore!!!

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