Don’t Tell Anyone about TCU

From the second you walk up to the football stadium, you’ll have five different smiling faces asking if you need help with directions.  Another 10 people will probably say hi.

Our Fox Sports analyst Brian Baldinger looked to one stadium attendant and said, “Is everyone nice at TCU?”.  The girl smiled, and answered, “yes!”.

From the staff to the students, there’s just a great atmosphere hanging over Amon G. Carter Stadium there in Fort Worth. The crowd always shows up, the Showgirls are dazzling, Texas hospitality is in full effect, and oh that’s right, they have a good football team.  Again.

Gary Patterson is in his 20th year at TCU, and still approaches the game with the same enthusiasm he has for the last several years. Our production meetings always go long, because he just loves talking about football.  He always invites our Fox crew to the afternoon walk-thru and then allows whoever is brave enough to sit down that night in his film room. Watchers beware, it doesn’t matter how long you’ve known the game of football – it will still go over your head. He’s that good, and somehow he finds a way to make his kids understand.

Despite building one of the most consistent football teams in the Big 12, Patterson and the Horned Frogs still fly under the radar. It’s not for lack of wins or publicity. TCU’s Associate Athletics Director for Communications, Mark Cohen is as good as they come. Just ask my son Hunter. Each year he gets a new shirt from the Horned Frogs when his mom covers a game. They’ve won me over. Yes, Hunter, your Texas alum mom would allow you to go there.

Because you see, over at TCU, they are doing something special. Just don’t tell anyone about it, otherwise they might change.

And they don’t need to change a thing.

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  1. Thanks for writing this post!!!! It is so true. TCU is a great place! We love having you and the rest of the Fox sports team!!!

  2. Absolutely love TCU, such a great school and Fort Worth is amazing! Love following your blog and seeing you report on my two favorite teams-the Horned Frogs and the Thunder!

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